Luck Be With You

Who doesn't need a little luck now and then?

We love the thrill of the most exciting 2 minutes in sports. Our passion for horse racing has grown as our barn has increased and wins continue. It's exciting and memorable to see our winner's circle horse pictures over the years. We get a great amount of pleasure sharing our excitement with friends and family on race days. We also think that owning shoes from a winning horse is a memorable way to enjoy the experience and see horse racing at its finest.

We donate a portion of our proceeds to Down the Stretch Ranch that helps veterans with PTSD as they care for retired racehorses.

For the month of November, we are donating to Debbie’s Dream Foundation. The sales of the necklaces will help Debbie’s Dream Foundation raise funds towards progress and. a cure for stomach cancer. Steve Melen, our founder of Winner’s Circle Shoes, is a 10 year stomach cancer survivor. Steve was diagnosed with stage 3B stomach cancer in January of 2008. His chances of survival were 14%. He credits luck and belief he would survive this horrible type of cancer. Please join us this month in raising funds for Debbie’s Dream Foundation. Use code DDF101 and get 10% off and free shipping, when you purchase a lucky charm necklace made by us from an actual winning horseshoe. We all want to be winners against stomach cancer.